Harnessing the Power of Dendritic Cell Therapy in the Fight Against Brain Cancer  

Dendritic Cell Antigen

This post explores how dendritic cell therapy leverages the immune system to combat brain cancer, particularly glioblastoma. It highlights the method of using activated dendritic cells to trigger a targeted immune response against cancer cells, showing promising clinical outcomes in extending patient survival and improving quality of life.

Michael (Germany)

Michael Immunyo

Michael (Germany) Prostate CancerDCT https://vimeo.com/919539677?share=copy “In 2016, I was faced with the devastating diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer, for which conventional treatments were no longer an option. This diagnosis initially felt like an insurmountable judgement. However, my curiosity and interest in the immune system led me to discover immunotherapy as a glimmer of hope. Despite […]

Fred (Netherlands)

Fred (Netherlands) Colon CancerDCT I was diagnosed with colon cancer in September 2021.When I received this diagnosis, I admit I was initially shaken. However, I held onto hope that the standard medical treatments available in the Netherlands would be effective. Despite undergoing chemotherapy and weekly hypothermia sessions, the cancer persisted, spreading to my lungs and […]

Alicia (Romania)

Alicia (Romania) Breast CancerDCT My journey with cancer started in 2021 and for anyone who receives this news, it is groundbreaking. I took a deep breath and went forward with chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. For a year, I was fine, but as my breast cancer is the most aggressive (TNBC) it came back with metastasis. […]