Michael (Germany)

Michael Immunyo
Prostate Cancer

“In 2016, I was faced with the devastating diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer, for which conventional treatments were no longer an option. This diagnosis initially felt like an insurmountable judgement. However, my curiosity and interest in the immune system led me to discover immunotherapy as a glimmer of hope. Despite initial scepticism from my doctor, who dismissed the idea as a waste of money, I decided to delve deeper into the subject and learn more about the possibilities offered by this form of treatment.

Immunotherapy and a comprehensive lifestyle change became my new path in the fight against cancer. I learnt about the benefits of the therapy, which could be carried out without side effects and in harmony with my current hormone treatment. This experience was not only medically enriching, but also human. The kindness and support I received during this process was exceptional and very different from my previous experiences in the German medical system.

The decision to take an active role in my recovery by being proactive, making informed choices and adopting a healthier lifestyle has changed my life. I have learnt that it is crucial to think outside the medical box and question everything. The commitment to my health and the deep understanding of my body has helped me to find new perspectives and hope.

I firmly believe that a strong will to live and the right choices can make all the difference. I promised my children I would live another 30 years and I am determined to fulfil that promise.”

Michael’s update March 2024:

“I have received the results of my latest blood test. In the list, you can see that my PSA value has taken a significant step downwards. After the slight increase in December, my urologist had expected a further increase. He has now not even scheduled an appointment. The value of 1.66 is good for a healthy man. I am thrilled. I didn’t expect such a clearly visible success after 2 months. My next blood test will follow in 3 months. Many greetings to the whole team, Michael”