Alicia (Romania)

Breast Cancer

My journey with cancer started in 2021 and for anyone who receives this news, it is groundbreaking. I took a deep breath and went forward with chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. For a year, I was fine, but as my breast cancer is the most aggressive (TNBC) it came back with metastasis.

This was the moment when I started to search for additional help beyond the regular hospital treatments. The DCT procedure caught my attention as it is a concept that received the Nobel Prize for medicine and now it is possible to apply it to patients.

This is how I found Immunyo, a team of professionals that explained the process very well, and I went forward. The experience with them was very easygoing and pleasant, it was more like a holiday to Spain than a treatment. The procedure is very easy and painless, and the team is professional and makes you feel empowered.

Since the treatment, I have gained more physical strength, I am following a normal life routine, and I foresee good results for my disease. I can only hope that more people have access to these new medical advances that are beneficial to their lives.

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