Sophie (UK)

Breast cancer

The news of my cancer diagnosis came as a shock to me. I had been diagnosed previously, but it was a different type of cancer, separated by a 16-year gap. After undergoing chemotherapy, which didn’t agree with me, I looked into radiotherapy as an alternative, only to be told it couldn’t be performed in the same area twice. That’s when I began researching alternatives and discovered Immunyo.

After researching and seeking advice from others, I felt excited to try Immunyo, despite some initial anxiety. The experience was pleasant, with no side effects, only positive outcomes. For me, it was the way forward, and I believe it was worth it a million percent.

My wish for the future is to be cancer-free and not have to go through the mental and physical aspects of it again. Immunyo also emphasizes healthy living and provides supplements to help maintain optimal health, making it an excellent option to consider for lifestyle changes.